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Split Hopkinson Bar - SURE-Bright - REL, Inc


SURE-Bright™ is a tailored lighting system designed for direct sample lighting during high strain rate testing. The very high intensity focused LED light source is configured for high speed imaging up to 5 million frames per second at a continuous duty cycle. No flash duration or delay calculations are needed. The output is dimmable from 0-100% to accommodate any exposure, sample reflectivity or lens configurations.

The light system is designed to focus a high power LED array through specialty TIR lenses onto a fixed focal point while the mounting frame allows coaxial alignment with any camera system and quick adjustments for tilting and panning. Fine lead screw adjustments are also integrated for individual camera and lighting focal distance. The high intensity continuous light source combined with the ease of adjustment and focusing ensures quick setups and consistent image acquisition. SURE-Bright™ is compatible with multi-camera setups from various manufacturers.


  • High intensity fixed focal point light source (10 Mlux peak intensity)
  • 100% duty cycle at maximum output
  • Low IR with minimal sample heating
  • Illumination for up to 5M frames per second in many configurations
  • Variable output level (0-100%)
  • Shadow-free image with concentric lens design
  • Quick adjust rail mount system for reliable tilt, pan and focus setup


Split Hopkinson Bar Lighting System
Split Hopkinson Bar - SURE-Bright - REL, Inc
Split Hopkinson Bar - SURE-Bright - REL, Inc
Split Hopkinson Bar - SURE-Bright - REL, Inc

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