REL, Inc. is exhibiting at the Cast Expo in Minneapolis on April 16-19, 2016.

REL, Inc. specializes in product development for improving product yield and energy efficiency for casting companies. These savings are captured with the use of our insulative mold coating, TRABO™. REL developed TRABO™ insulative coating based on the same technology we used in developing the space shuttle patch kit for NASA’s Return to Flight. This spray-applicated insulative coating improves process and die design by minimizing heat lost in coated sections of launder systems, pour cups, runner systems, and blind risers. TRABO™ provides die designers the ability to tailor thermal gradients in molds, shrink gating systems, and lower metal temperatures to improve metal properties, usage and yield. The coating has been used in permanent, semi-permanent, sand casting, with aluminum, magnesium and steel alloys. This insulative spray has over 10x the insulation value of conventional mold coatings and game changing technology for the casting industry.

Visit us in booth 812 at the Minneapolis Convention Center to learn how TRABO™ can solve your casting challenges.




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REL Inc.