C4 Nomad Glo-Black LED UV-A Inspection Light

C4 Nomad Glo-Black LED UV-A Inspection Light

The REL Model C4 Nomad Glo-Black LED UV-A Inspection Light utilizes the latest in safe high output UV-A LED technology. This black light is a highly maneuverable lightweight solution that maximizes operator safety and time on task. The C4 Nomad contains 4 high flux-UV LED emitters that have a built in static-electric discharge circuit to allow the light to perform in all environments regardless of ambient conditions.

The C4 Nomad is designed for all intensity requirements of Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI). The C4 Nomad provides a 9-inch diameter of UV-A intensity above 1000 μW/cm2 at 15 inches. The integral filter in the C4 Nomad limits the visible light to 20 lux at 15 inches and 5 lux at 36 inches. The C4 Nomad light is sealed and cooled with an engineered finned housing. It is manufactured from a military grade aluminum alloy. The C4 Nomad Glo-Black light will survive the toughest, wettest, and most severe work environments on the planet! The C4 Nomad is our rechargeable UV-A LED inspection light. It comes with two batteries, so you are always ready to go.

C4 Nomad Glo-Black LED UV-A Inspection Light attributes:

  • Certificate of Conformance and a serialized validation reports
  • Tested to comply with Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 Requirements
  • Tested to comply with ASTM E3022 Standard
  • Input Voltage 90V–264V AC
  • A LED light that goes everywhere you go!
  • Refurbishable

OEM Pricing: $1,900, 1-year warranty. Order your Glo-Black inspection LED light today!

REL C4 Nomad Glo-Black Inspection Light

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