REL iFPI Cherry Point Line
REL iFPI Equipment JAX line
REL iFPI Line Front

REL builds custom, modular automation equipment for liquid penetrant/fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) processes.
REL iFPI Line Back
REL iFPI Loading Station

The Load Station aligns the carrier to the Automated Material Handling System.
REL iFPI Carrier
REL iFPI Penetrant

The Penetrant Application Station utilizes electrostatic spray application.
REL iFPI Penetrant Open
REL iFPI Turntable

The station incorporates a turntable that rotates the carrier 360° to allow complete coverage of the part.
REL iFPI Spray Gun

Separate guns are used for top and bottom spray application and penetrant type/level of penetrant
REL iFPI Dwell

The Penetrant Dwell Station controls the time required for the carrier to sit while the penetrant is ‘wetting’ the part
REL iFPI Dwell Top
REL iFPI Pre-Rinse

The Pre-Rinse and Post-Rinse Stations rinse the parts by lifting and rotating the carrier through the streams of the pressure controlled spray header
REL iFPI Pre-Rinse Open
REL iFPI Emulsifier

The Emulsifier Station is controlled to allow for smooth accelerations and consistent processing time
REL iFPI Emulsifier Up
REL iFPI Emulsifier Dip
REL iFPI Emulsifier Down
REL iFPI Post-Rinse

The rinse supply pump utilizes recycled water for the initial rinse followed by a freshwater rinse for both the pre-rinse and post-rinse
REL iFPI Post-Rinse Spray Head
REL iFPI Dryer

The Dryer Station incorporates a heating coil in the duct that circulates air through the chamber
REL iFPI Dryer Open
REL iFPI Dry Developer

The Dry Developer Station applies dry developer to part surfaces by the use of a cloud
REL iFPI Dry Developer Open
REL iFPI Inspection

Parts are inspected with blacklight in this climate controlled multi-station inspection area
REL iFPI Inspection Carrier
REL iFPI Equipment Conveyor
REL iFPI Equipment Glo-Black Lights

All five lights of REL’s Glo-Black UV Lights are designed to meet all intensity requirements of Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
REL iFPI Mini System

Stand Alone FPI Unit (Model #CLF-2020)
REL Inc.