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We are innovation. We solve problems. Period.

REL, Inc. manufactures Reliable, Exact, and Logical equipment. We specialize in process equipment for Non-Destructive Testing (iFPI), Servo driven material handling equipment (iREL), and High strain rate material testing (SURE-Test). REL deploys the latest control technology that is specific to the equipment being built. REL understands the demands placed on our World Class Manufacturing partners and produces equipment to meet the process needs to breed success. This success comes from a project that is completed…

  1. On time.
  2. On Budget.
  3. With designed safety.
  4. With specific stakeholder training.
  5. With design robustness.

REL Team

New Robert
Robert E. Loukus


Robert received his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 1971. He is the co-founder of REL, Inc. Robert supports machining, fabrication, company operations, and business strategy.

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New Josh
Josh Loukus, Ph.D.


Josh, his wife Jennifer and their 8 children live in Calumet, Michigan. Dr. Loukus is the President of REL, Inc. Dr. Loukus provides ideation, inspiration and perspiration to the development of World Class Equipment. iREL, iFPI, and SURE branded equipment is breaking into the material handling, Non-Destructive Evaluation, and material testing marketplaces. This breakthrough is realized through the functionality and robustness that is expected and delivered by REL equipment solutions.

Dr. Loukus has also been involved in the material research and development activities at REL. The development of the insulation ‘patch kit’ for the space program for NASA’s return to flight efforts after the Columbia disaster is the ‘highest’ profile solution that REL deployed. Since then REL has been developing and deploying advanced material processing equipment. This development equipment includes kilns, presses, dryers, and energy coupled to matter devices that will drive material/manufacturing processes in the future.

Dr. Loukus is an inventor with 5 issued patents and 30+ pending. He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 1996, and his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in December of 2000.

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New Adam
Adam Loukus, Ph.D.

Vice President

Dr. Adam Loukus is the Vice President of REL, Inc. Adam received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 2001 and his Ph.D. in hydro-forming metals in December 2004. Dr. Loukus’ research extends from light alloy development to material processing techniques to obtain desired component properties.

Adam manages the advanced materials area at REL where several unique lightweight cast products and casting technologies have been developed. Through internal IR&D, and synergistic research with NSF, DOD, and the DOE; Adam’s team has addressed challenges in the braking industry, survivability issues facing our War Fighter, and clean energy opportunities in transportation. REL has received multiple awards and recognition for this work. Adam has 4 issued patents and over 30 pending. He manages REL’s patent portfolio is developing strategic partnerships to launch these products.

Adam is involved with company strategy, contract logistics, and strategic marketing and sales of REL equipment and products.

Adam lives in Calumet with his family and spends his downtime driving his kids to their sporting events.

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906-337-3018 x311


REL began put down roots as a local machine shop. Solving problems for customers by machining and fabricating parts began back in the 1980’s. This problem solving approach accounts for the success we have enjoyed as REL continues to grow into the future. We have always taken care of our customers. In turn our customers have become our partners in business and we have enjoyed success in our first 30+ years in business. This positive can-do attitude is the foundation we will build on for the next 30+ years. Machining a shaft, patching the space shuttle, or designing the next cutting edge production allows us to demonstrate our awesomeness to our partners in business.

  • 1981 – Job shop
  • 1990 – REL Machine, Inc. was established by Robert and Josh Loukus. Two pieces of equipment included an engine lathe and a knee mill.
  • 1995 – First CNC Lathe
  • 2000 – Expanded into Automation and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) lines
  • 2004 – Advanced Material Research
  • 2006 – Founded REL, Inc; Partnered with NASA: Return to Flight
  • 2007 – Developed and marketed metal matrix composite (MMC) brakes – Matrix Brakes – rotors and brake pads for motorcycles
  • 2010 – MMC Armor & Concrete Cutting Diamond Blades
  • 2012 – MMC Car and Truck Brakes
  • 2013 – High Strain Rate Testing Equipment – Branded ‘SURE-Test Systems’ expansion
  • 2014 – Non Destructive Testing Equipment – iFPI expansion
  • 2015 – Released Open Source Material Testing Software – SURE-Pulse
  • 2015 – Material Handling Equipment – iREL expansion


REL has a DCAA approved accounting system and has been performing work for government entities since 2009 and for commercial entities since 1990.

REL’s manufacturing and engineering quality systems comply with advanced CMM technologies to ensure highest quality components are delivered. REL engineering and manufacturing is ISO-9001: 2008 certified, ITAR Compliant is working to become AS9100 certified.

REL is an award-winning member of American Foundry Society (AFS); and the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) and was awarded “Innovation of the Year” by the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council.

ASTM E1417 certified

REL Awards

Industries Served

REL produces iREL World Class material handling equipment for high speed material handling applications. If material has to flip, transfer, or move and fractions of seconds matter then iREL equipment applied to your application.

REL produces iFPI World Class Penetrant Inspection equipment for the automotive and aerospace industries. iFPI equipment uses the latest technology in motion control to process and track parts through the process.

REL produces SURE-Test high strain rate testing systems for cutting edge testing of materials. Every material will behave like silly putty at some ambient conditions and/or loading rate. REL also has a test lab for testing dynamic response of customer supplied materials.

REL Industries Served


REL World HQ

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REL, Inc. is located at 57640 North Eleventh Street in Calumet, Michigan.

Phone: 906-337-3018
Email: rel@relinc.net

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